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Diggin’ the Field No. 6

In this installment, we look back at shows that have happened in our fair city, but in the spirit of the brand spanking new year, we look ahead at shows and exciting new musical happenings. The bitter end of 2015 brought us Mothers (who have a brand new record set for a late February release) and “Macon’s favorite boy band” Elroy Love. December marked the first (of many more) interview/short performance series collaboration between us and GPB Macon. We started big with Torres (Mackenzie Scott), a Maconite who now calls Brooklyn home whose latest record Sprinter, made too many best-of 2015 lists to discuss. She happened to be home for Christmas and sat down with Grant in Capricorn Studios. We try in vain to discuss house music and DJ Shawty Slim’s foray into the genre. We also discuss a new record from Back City Woods. We also had the opportunity to sit down with T. Hardy Morris and talk about life, music, crunge and most importantly, record three unreleased tunes, one of which we included in this podcast. We also discuss our New Year’s resolution: to book more shows. Our first one is a super awesome songwriter showcase at Fresh Produce: Brett Harris w/ Justin Cutway and Chad Evans. There’s more to this podcast. And you should listen to it. Here’s to a busy and exciting 2016. This is your music Macon. Dig the field.

Diggin’ the Field is a Macon-based podcast produced through a partnership between GPB Macon and Field Note Stenographers. It is an avenue to discuss live music, record reviews, venues and the local music scene.