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Diggin’ the Field No. 4

In this fourth adventure into the world of podcasts via Diggin’ the Field, Grant, Chris and Jared discuss an amazingly diverse selection of shows that have passed through Macon in the last few months, including Leon Russell, the Queers, Magicicada, Triathalon and the English Beat. We also hear some new music by local heroes Dalmatian and Floco Torres. There’s also more to look for before the year comes to a close: Aaron Lee Tasjan will be telling the tale of the Florida Man and Big K.R.I.T. will be slamming’ some Cadillac doors at the Cox Capitol Theatre during the month of December.

Diggin’ the Field is a Macon-based podcast produced through a partnership between GPB Macon and Field Note Stenographers. It is an avenue to discuss live music, record reviews, venues and the local music scene.