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Diggin’ the Field No. 3

On this episode of Diggin’ the Field, Chris Nylund looks back at a show with Monsoon (“Ride a Rolla” at 1:46), Jared Wright reviews the release by Nap Eyes (“No Fear of Hellfire” at 7:46) and we spend some time getting ready for the music at this weekend’s Macon Octoberfest with the crunch of Brother Hawk (“No Room to Rust” at 16:31), Clear Plastic Masks (“Outcasts” at 21:34), Americana from Susto (“County Line” at 24:17), and twinned harmonies from Cicada Rhythm (at 28:15). Bonus! Hear chanteuse dangereuse Nikki Lane before her Monday show at the Capitol (“Right Time” at 34:10) and a track from new Macon indie somethins’ Elroy Love (“5am” at 39:05) Intro and Outro music from Macon’s African Americana.

Diggin’ the Field is a Macon-based podcast produced through a partnership between GPB Macon and Field Note Stenographers. It is an avenue to discuss live music, record reviews, venues and the local music scene.