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11th Hour Editorial: Making a Scene in Macon?

For the 11th Hour. An interesting panel discussion that happened as part of South By Southwest several years ago focused on one question – can a music scene be created by sheer force of will? Can it be grasped from the proverbial primordial ooze, rolled and shaped until fully formed,

Album Review: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – A Year With 13 Moons

For Field Note Stenographers. The breakup record trope is one that’s been played out endlessly in popular music, across genres and decades. Over and over, the dissolution of a relationship leaves many a despondent songwriter negotiating sadness, seeking solace in the act of putting pen to paper and sharing their

Macon Telegraph Editorial: The Gentrification Blues

For the Macon Telegraph: On May 11, the Thunderbox, Atlanta’s fabled rehearsal studio and training ground for a eclectic group of musicians spanning multiple genres, did not open its doors. The building became the latest victim of the Atlanta Beltline’s gentrification-laced path during what became a bummer of a summer

Album Review: Tashi Dorji – Appa

For Field Note Stenographers. Well-crafted album art is a wonderful thing. Properly conceived, it’s foreshadowing and a mirror for the musical journey within. Looking at the abstract, undulating pattern on Tashi Dorji’s newest release on the Bathetic label, Appa, one gets the sense of a desolate landscape possibly consisting of wind blown

Album Review: The Weather Station – Loyalty

For Field Note Stenographers. Loyalty, Tamara Lindeman’s third album as the Weather Station, is full of small, seemingly ephemeral moments and conversations – said and unsaid, wished or not fully formed, some lilting, personal and never vocalized, some heavily burdened by memory or unfulfilled expectation, others only imagined or misremembered. Taken

The 11th Hour: Otis Music Camp Showcase

For the 11th Hour. Walking into Mt. de Sales Academy’s Zuver Center, I’m greeted with a manic blast of guitar and drums from the band Failing Acts of Society. As the name might suggest, it’s beautifully angst-y pop punk wrenched out at no less than 120 decibels. There’s no one in

Show Review: Jim White Vs. the Packway Handle Band

For Field Note Stenographers. Of his own craft, Harry Crews wrote, “I didn’t know any storytellers who wanted an adjective – Southern or gothic or ethnic – in front of the word novelist. I told them that I was a novelist from the South and that I had no alternative

Show Review: Of Montreal

For Field Note Stenographers. There’s a scene that always sticks my mind from Something Wicked This Way Comes. Ray Bradbury has spent the opening chapters of the book building tension with harbingers of a carnival. Faint notes of a calliope arrive on the wind, and mysterious flyers flutter through the

Georgia Music Magazine: Remembering Sacred Harp Patriarch Raymond Hamrick (1915-2014)

For Georgia Music Magazine. Andersen’s Jewelers, quietly tucked into a corner building at the intersection of downtown Macon’s Cotton Avenue and Second Street, is seemingly like any other nondescript small town storefront that hasn’t succumbed to the pressures of progress over the last several decades. Wood and glass display cases

Album Reviews: Ambient Update, Fall 2014

For Field Note Stenographers. As the days gradually shorten and thin, languid, woodsmoke-laced scents permeate the air signaling the imminent arrival of fall, I often return to Brian Eno and Harold Budd’s 1984 collaboration, The Pearl. The record is a sort of personal soundtrack to the slowing-down of the world, and it