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A Brief History of Capricorn Records

For Mercer Music at Capricorn After tremendous success in the 1960s as the booking agent and manager of soul artists like Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, and Sam and Dave, Phil Walden turned his creative energies to founding a record label at the end of the decade to house his stable

Bragg Jam with the Riggonians

For the Macon, Georgia CVB Just across the street from the Macon-Bibb Convention and Visitors Bureau, I take a turn down an alley that splits Cherry and Poplar Streets to find myself at the foot of a small stream. On top of the water, small flecks of glitter flow past,

Sweating in the Streets: Bragg Jam is Back

For the Macon, Georgia CVB There’s a certain point in the Macon summertime that the heat takes a drastic turn upwards. Without even consulting a calendar, it’s obvious that July has arrived and with it, a special kind of scorching temperature. It’s the kind of heat that you can reach

Collective Memories at Macon’s Grotto

For the Macon Telegraph. Just a short walk through the woods from the south end of Forest Hill Road lies a scattering of ruins. Walls and steps deep down into a ravine are nearly invisible beneath decades of kudzu and ivy overgrowth; columns stand lonely and isolated, the inscriptions cut

The King of Soul: Otis Redding in Photographs @ the Tubman Museum

As part of “Celebrating 75 Years of Otis Redding,” the Tubman Museum — in partnership with the Otis Redding Foundation — is hosted a special exhibition that chronicles the life and career of one of Macon’s favorite sons and one of the most talented and influential entertainers in popular music

Macon Telegraph Editorial: Who Will Dictate the Narrative of Macon’s Musical History?

For the Macon Telegraph. Ten years after his untimely death on Christmas Day, James Brown still seems to be ubiquitous. Comedians Key and Peele recently created a sketch that’s nothing but a word-for-word re-enactment of the singer’s infamous 1980s interview on CNN in Atlanta shortly after filing for divorce from

11th Hour Editorial: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

  For the 11th Hour. In his 1989 masterpiece, Lipstick Traces, Greil Marcus follows a rabbit hole of research to discover what he calls a “secret history of the 20th century” that involves making connections between the Sex Pistols, Dadaism and the Situationist International to discover hidden catalysts of revolution

Album Review: Nap Eyes – Whine of the Mystic

For Field Note Stenographers. It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, all while expecting varied results. Maybe it was Ben Franklin who said it, maybe Albert Einstein. Or perhaps it can be attributed to no one, a three-way love child

Macon Telegraph Editorial: Investing in a Creative Class

For the Macon Telegraph. During the past several years, the idea of a rehearsal space for local musicians has come up frequently. It’s often spoken of as some sort of panacea for Macon’s music scene, or as an invisible mecca that once reached, can save the soul of a city

Album Review: Max Richter – Sleep

For Field Note Stenographers. Technically speaking, I suppose I’ve listened to Max Richter’s Sleep (or From Sleep, the hour-long edit of the full eight hour record) a few dozen times by now. The only problem is, towards the end of the second track, “Path 5 (delta),” my eyes get heavy, and I’m Dorothy