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Diggin’ the Field No. 7

In this installment of Diggin’ the Field, we look back at a performances by Banditos and Great Peacock in opening slots at the Cox Capitol Theatre, discuss the etiquette of bra-throwing with St. Paul and the Broken Bones, and find out about a few upcoming shows, including the lo-fi pop prolificness of R.

Diggin’ the Field No. 6

In this installment, we look back at shows that have happened in our fair city, but in the spirit of the brand spanking new year, we look ahead at shows and exciting new musical happenings. The bitter end of 2015 brought us Mothers (who have a brand new record set

Diggin’ the Field No. 5

In this installment, we remember the recently late, always great Alex Cooley, discuss several wild and crazy nights in Macon that range from Texas singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard to Athens, GA punk rock tornadoes Shehehe to local legend Robert Lee Coleman. We lament the passing of the College Hill Alliance.

Diggin’ the Field No. 4

In this fourth adventure into the world of podcasts via Diggin’ the Field, Grant, Chris and Jared discuss an amazingly diverse selection of shows that have passed through Macon in the last few months, including Leon Russell, the Queers, Magicicada, Triathalon and the English Beat. We also hear some new music by

Diggin’ the Field No. 3

On this episode of Diggin’ the Field, Chris Nylund looks back at a show with Monsoon (“Ride a Rolla” at 1:46), Jared Wright reviews the release by Nap Eyes (“No Fear of Hellfire” at 7:46) and we spend some time getting ready for the music at this weekend’s Macon Octoberfest

Diggin’ the Field No. 2

On Episode Number Two of the Diggin’ the Field Podcast we hear the just left of Americana of John Moreland, the noise/drone of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, we talk about why letting artists set up shop in your town is good for everyone and we spend some time talking about shows from