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Interpretive Area – Mercer Music at Capricorn

Mercer Music at Capricorn is a multi-purpose music venue in downtown Macon, Ga. whose mission is to leverage Macon’s music heritage to create Macon’s music future. The interpretive area is structured around a series of themes that explore the impact of the independent, Southern label on life in Macon, as

Podium: Mercer Music at Capricorn


Mount Making: Long Bottom Swamp Archaeology Exhibit

A traveling exhibit for the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Archaeology Lab.   Getting started. Remember, safety first. A quick one for the pups.   Primed. In progress.   The finished product.   The finished product. An archaeologist will laugh at a ‘dig’ pun every. Single. Time.

The King of Soul: Otis Redding in Photographs @ the Tubman Museum

As part of “Celebrating 75 Years of Otis Redding,” the Tubman Museum — in partnership with the Otis Redding Foundation — is hosted a special exhibition that chronicles the life and career of one of Macon’s favorite sons and one of the most talented and influential entertainers in popular music

Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta @ the Atlanta History Center

Atlanta History Center’s new cornerstone exhibition interpreting the history of Atlanta is rooted in the past, but also is being created to capture Atlanta’s stories of the present, and to engage visitors to consider the city’s path to the future. Through artifacts, ephemera, interactive media, recording booths, immersive experiences and dedicated

Historical Design: H&H Restaurant

  The H&H Restaurant was opened in the late 1950s and later became iconic as the go-to restaurant for the Allman Brothers Band and subsequently, other artists on the roster of Capricorn Records and across the genre of Southern Rock. In the early 2010s, Macon’s Moonhanger Group purchased and renovated the

Exhibit Panels: McRitche-Hollis Museum


Fa-So-La and Do-Re-Mi: Shape-Note Singing in West Georgia

Fa-So-La and Do-Re-Mi: Shape-Note Singing in West Georgia is an online exhibit that was funded by the Center for Public History at the University of West Georgia and the Georgia Music Foundation. It explores shape-note singing traditions in the West Georgia region, where a wealth of sacred and gospel music

Infographics: Shape-Note Singing


Georgia Music Hall of Fame Permanent Collection

After taking on the role of Curator at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009, I worked to transform the museum’s main exhibit, known as Tune Town, into a vibrant, cohesive space. Employing local designers to produce a series of inductee text panels and carefully selecting artifacts from the museum’s permanent